Vans x Hello Kitty 2012

Vans and Sanrio came up with new hello kitty items again, they add more new colors,designs and collectibles like backpacks,socks,apparels and of course their trendy Vans Kitty SHOES!check em out at Sanrio & Vans retail stores now!they're also available online=)


I love Hello Kitty :) I'm following you now :)
oh thanks!will follow you^^
RaeAbigael said…
OHMGEE! i love the items! now i'm loving vans! hihi :))) anyway, thank you! well, i don't really collect Hello Kitty Items because they're just lying around everywhere in the house but i'm actually thinking of organizing them na. haha :)) nice to meet youuuu!:-*

i'm following you na nga pala dear =)

maganda sis kapag naorganized na stress reliever pag tinititigan hehe,thanks for following back nice to meet you too^_^

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