Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Kitty for Christmas

Ten days to go before Christmas, Santa Claus is coming teehee! I already received my Christmas gift for myself just yesterday. its an early present and I wanna share it with my followers/readers, Happy Holidays to everyone=)

Dear daniel and hello kitty sweet plush

pink hello kitty with hat plush

hello kitty momoberry kiss me plush

hello kitty vinyl figs

hello kitty fan cover

hello kitty hamper

hk wall hook,knee high socks,card case,stamp set and note pad

hello kitty light up fig,mcdo pink mascot,notepad,stamp,fan cover and compact comb with mirror

Personalized bag tag and name stamp(special freebies from my sweet online friend, sis Allen<3)


Hello Kitty Forever said...

Merry Christmas from Hello Kitty Forever! ^_^

Thanks for following and I hope you have a happy new year!!


miss purple said...

happy new year hello kitty forever!more hello kitties to come thank you=)

Veronica Kitty ^^ said...

Those are so cute! ^^ Where did you get them?

miss purple said...

bought them online thanks!=)

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