Hello Kitty "Sweet and Sassy" Collection

New hello kitty collection called "Sweet and Sassy"

Hello Kitty Sweet and Sassy Full Comforter Set

Hello Kitty Sweet and Sassy Full Sheet Set

Hello Kitty Sweet and Sassy Twin Tent

                    Hello Kitty Window Drapes

I would love to have these Sweet and Sassy Collection for my kitty bedroom=)


Drea ♪ said…
Such a cute collection! <3
I don't know why that tent appeals to me so much!! I would love to put all of my computer set up and cushions and stuff inside a big Hello Kitty tent in the corner of my bedroom as like some kinda kawaii pad ^_^

Great post yet again <3
miss purple said…
@Drea I know right thanks^^
@Hello Kitty forever me too,I would love to decorate my room with that tent.you can purchase one at ebay.com thanks for visiting my blog<3
Anonymous said…
where can i find the sweet and sassy drapes??

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