Monday, October 17, 2011

New set up

got a new bedding set,no more kitty wall border on my wall.will set up the new one once I finished repainting my room=)

my welcome sign hang above my wall mirror


I only displayed few hk plushies above my dresser(don't have display cabinet yet)

hello kitty cork board with some pictures

die cut wall mirror


Dakota Kitty said...

That bed is so cute!! I did a post on Hello Kitty beds myself last month. There are some awesome ones out there!!

I love your cork board too. It is just too adorable <3

miss purple said...

aww,thank you so much I bought my cork board at ebay months ago=)

Drea ♪ said...

I love your bed cover D: it is so cute!
You got so many plushies, I like! :D
I want your mirror!! >w<

Drea ♪ said...

Ay salamat sa imo comment :D I don't understand much tagalog :(
My mom is bisaya, so that is what I do understand haha!

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