Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello kitty rose series plush

I love this plush,she's so sweet and innocent.I love her white soft furry and her long lashes,another pretty hello kitty series indeed.


Dakota Kitty said...

OMG Looks so soft!! <3333

Also, since we both have Hello Kitty blogs, did you want to do a link exchange at all?? I get about 1500 page views a day so you profit with a bit of extra traffic. If you do, leave me a comment on my blog, and I have a couple of different link images in my sidebar you could use, and I would also use whatever image you want to use on my sidebar to link back to you

Lemme know!!


miss purple said...

sure I would love to exchange links^^

Dakota Kitty said...

Heehee, I love your link image, it's so cute!!!

Proudly presenting it on my blog now

And thanks for linking me too <333


miss purple said...

thank you so much^_~

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