Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gokusen x Hello kitty mascot

I like Japan's Gokusen series especially when they collaborated with Hello Kitty.they released a nice Gokusen mascot,plushies,cellphone charms and more collectible items.I got the blue one and I love it,great addition to my growing collection.

Copied the image from my online kitty shop visit www.facebook,com/purplexoxkittyshoppe


Claire said...

lol that is so lovely and cute! anything goes with hello kitty! that's why i love it! Here's a new collab i just found out. Hello Kitty and One Piece Collab heard about it yet? I think its new and i found it very very kawaii, love it so much, thought you'd love them too. If you want one you can order from here Private Import Japan.
First time on your blog btw.. and i love it <3
Happy Blogging! xoxo :D

miss purple said...

thank you so much Claire,hope you visit my blog again.I love the new released hk series from sanrio Japan thanks for sharing^_^

Claire said...

No probs :D

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