My kittyfied wish list 2011

I have too many hello kitty items in my wish list,reasons why I can't have them all?most of them are only manufactured abroad and I don't have paypal account to purchase all the items I've seen online.the shipping cost a lot and its too painful for me ha!ha!the only chance of gettin them is to have it pre-ordered at some online sellers based here in Philippines(where I am from),the prices are bit expensive than the actual price because of the freight and taxes from other country where it came from but its quite cheaper than buying it directly and pay via paypal(if I have them pre-ordered to a seller the shipping cost is cheaper because of bulk orders and have them shipped by batch).

I wanted to organize my shoes in this shoe rack

I love these slumber sleeping plush

perfect pillow for my pink hello kitty room

cute hello kitty wooden door curtain,can be hang at your windows too


Keysi said…
I love the shoes rack, the bedding sets are very cute but I'd love to get the Sanrio friends all over design ^__^*
miss purple said…
@keysi thank you!you can buy the sanrio friends all over design at ebay and amazon,Its always available every where=)

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