Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Different hello kitty beddings design

I wish to have the complete set, I only have the 2 pillow cases

Hearts & flowers design perfect for those who are in love. . .with HELLO KITTY=)

Classy silk bedding ,I love the fabric fits for princesses .

I already have the 2 pillow cases, hunting for the comforter and fitted sheet.

Its my favorite design of all, my room has a hello kitty wall border in cheering design.perfect match. 

Surf design great for adventurous and who loves the beach.

Hello kitty shoppers design, I love the purple and pink combination!

copied the images from different site


Tyler Wiseman said...

where can i get the silk bedding set?

Tyler Wiseman said...

were can i get the silk hello kitty bed set, ive looked everywhere

Jing-jing Garcia said...

Hi tyler, you can check at ebay they list hello kitty silk bedding from time to time.

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