Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello Kitty Nail Clipper Set Review

 Had another KT review for this week,its about my new hello kitty nail clipper set I
bought at just last month.the set includes 1 hello kitty die cut nail cutter
 and 2 pcs hk toe separators,check photos below.


- the packaging is nice,easy to open
- nail cutter design is super cute,its a die cut hello kitty head
- nail cutter cuts soft nails quickly
- easy to grip 
- toe separators are cute and very useful in terms of nail polish application
- it separates toes without hurting the edge of the toe

- the nail cutter can only cut soft nails,great for child's nails.
- can easily broke when forced to cut big and hard nails.
- quite pricey for a nail clipper set,it cost almost Php500
- its not available here in the Philippines,you need to order it online.

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