REVIEWS of Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes Mascara in Hello Kitty Packaging - LIMITED EDITION

Did you remember the hello kitty mascara I blogged last month?I have it already!!I promised to review about it and do my best just to describe its features.

got this image from a site,i can't find my actual pictures of it =[

my cat eyes!!

- the packaging is so much better than the other Maybelline Mascaras(it may be because its limited daz why the packaging must be special)
- the Hello Kitty prints in the tube are lovely,i adored it!hello kitty lovers will probably love it!
- About the smell,it don't bother me at all.same smell of some Maybelline mascaras.
- it made my peepers spiky long,curled and add some volume just like its named"CAT EYES"
- it is water proof
- doesn't flake,smudge easily.

- my first application was a disappointment ha!ha!i don't know but its hard to apply at first,you'll need to practice applying it more often.
- its "WATER PROOF" thats why it is hard for me to take off the mascara without makeup remover, it takes time cleaning the whole eyelash area.


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