i heart HELLO KITTY!!

After a long time of no blogging,I have so many hello kitty items to share with you my dear readers, I've been into Online Selling since July this year and after I graduated,I decided to pursue my Online Business.yes,I am a CERTIFIED HELLO KITTY SELLER now in MULTIPLY.COM,at first I was hesitated to do it but then I love hello kitty so much daz why I continue to spread her sweet face^_~
here are some hello kitty items I got for the month of October,I discover my addiction to I HEART HELLO KITTY SERIES in this past few weeks that's why I bought some part of the collection which is available in multiply.com.I want MORE!!

hello kitty

my very own I heart hello kitty die cut mirror

I heart hello kitty die cut mirror

I heart  hello kitty toothbrush holder

 hello kitty

 hello kitty wall border

 hello kitty mouse

 hello kitty deluxe lolita in window box

 hello kitty mini die cut playing cards

deluxe  hello kitty lolita plush

 hello kitty Taiwan tan plush

 hello kitty mini mouse

 hello kitty strawberry queen

35th anniversary  hello kitty die cut pillow

orange hello kitty vivitix coin purse plush

my hello kitty minis

hello kitty purple queen

hello kitty mini angel

hello kitty lavender series mini plush

hello kitty figure

tiny hello kitty plush

hello kitty huge pillow

my very own rayban hello kitty shirt from sanrio!

hello kitty cuter hugger

hello kitty mcdo plushies

more plushies

hello kitty plush

my hello kitty die cut wallet


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