Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Shop on sanrio.com and get these hello kitty mug in 3 different designs to choose from!hurry while supplies last!
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Hello kitty lovers!!another hello kitty collection from sanrio!!Visit SANRIO.COM for more details!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Maybelline Volum'Express Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Mascara HELLO KITTY LIMIED EDITION!!

Saw this photo from a facebook post. .I was surprised because I love Maybelline and I am using their products for a year now.I know that these Hello Kitty mascara will rock may peepers and I wanted to buy a lot!!but its quite pricey for me, 1 tube for these mascara worth 499 pesos. .since it is LIMITED EDITION, I promise my self to get even one tube. .I look at malls near us, but nothing found. a friend of mine in multiply sent me a personal message asking if I want a hello kitty mascara and she insist that she'l be the one to buy it for me,is she an ANGEL?at this moment she have it already and anytime this week she will ship it to my address. .MY FIRST LIMITED EDITION HELLO KITTY MASCARA=)
I will keep you posted when the package arrives and ill give a nice,very equal reviews about the said mascara<3


Its a steal kitty addicts!get your free small Hello Kitty Wallet for free with any regular purchase over $50 only on Sanrio.com while supplies last!HURRY!!check the image below for more information or just visit this link FREE WALLET=]


I usually check the SANRIO'S SITE almost every day just to view if theres a new series and new collections added. .check some photos of whats new today:

i adore hello kitty face!i want one for my self,sad to say i can't afford it right now=[

hello kitty 15" laptop Sleeve,such a nice laptop case isn't it?

the back print of the laptop sleeve,very pretty!

i love the print of this lovely long wallet!

the compartments

its a steal!!

visit sanrio.com for more collections!

Hello kitty heart shape portable Speaker Review

I ordered these mini speaker for my laptop,i am very excited about it since i waited for a long time. 
the speaker it self is very cute and handy,its heart shaped figure suits my laptop and its very functional.the bad thing is,the sound quality is quite poor and I'm very disappointed about it since i am a music lover. .i'm still using it whenever i watch movies from my laptop. .good thing,IT's HELLO KITTY he!he!=)

My Hello kitty Collections Part 1

Hi Bloggers and hello kitty addicts!!
I'm back and have a nice post for today=)
I'll share my hello kitty collections,its not the whole collection but almost all my favorite hello kitty stuff are there.
hope you enjoy!for Filipino hello kitty Bloggers,you can check my Online hello kitty Store: MY STORE

hello kitty canopy

hello kitty canopy

hello kitty bed

hello kitty beans

hello kitty baby plush

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