Hello kitty sanrio.com NEW ARRIVALS!

Its my rest day from a long duty and got a chance to visit sanrio.com!its been a long time since i last browsed their site. .i missed a lot and i am back!i saved some pictures from sanrio.com to share with you my dear readers=)

hello kitty clock

cute clock

hello kitty long wallet

One of the BEST SELLING item!I so adore this wallet. .I want one for my self!don"t you love it too?

a super cute pastel colored nail cutter!i love pink and purple<3

I wish someone will buy  this hair brush for my Birthday=D

I'm into wastebaskets this days. .I cant find a cheap alternative for this UBER cute pink HK wastebasket=(


Nn elegant bag and wallet!!its super classy and cute!!i want both of them=D

photos are from sanrio.com visit now!


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