Saturday, April 17, 2010

my Hellokitty for today

Just got another Batch of my hello kitty items from JRS Urdaneta and AIR 21 this afternoon. .i usually picked up my items in JRS Urdaneta branch office almost every other day(different sellers,different schedule of shipment thats why) and in other Courier they delivered it in our address.again i am so excited and happy while opening my package i remember my excitement when i first had my package delivered  last June 09, it feels like there's  no tomorrow ha!ha!check the photos below i took it after opening the pouches;)

From Sis Malyn of 

my 35th Anniversary hello kitty Colors Ring got the purple from Sis Malyn last DEc. 09

From sis Zel of

hello kitty Loungefly wallet

hello kitty toothpastes squeezer



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