Monday, April 26, 2010

My Hello kitty Canopy

After our exhausting long exam For NCII tesda last April 24, 2010 my package from sis Cresida of Arrived. I am super duper happy because after passing the exam when i got home i saw already the LBC pouch which contains my Hello kitty Canopy yehaw!!i feel so blessed that day and thankful.check the candid photos of the HK canopy,i just hang it in the curtain holder i don't mind the position and the focus that time because of my excitement;P

Cute pink bag it's a freebie from sis Cresida:)



Keysi said...

Lovely one!! I have two older designs ^__^*

miss purple said...

@Keysi thank you!I'm planning to get the other design(the purple one) but its not available in any online shop,i thought its only manufactured in the US.

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