Requirements and Qualification for Google Adsense

You must need some minimum requirements given below to start this Online Pay Per Click Program:
1. A Computer with internet Connection in Home or Office or You can work from Cyber cafe/Browsing Centres.

2. Simple Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to start this program. No Previous experience needed.
3. A Valid Email address.
4. You must have a Bank Account to deposit the cheques which you will receive from Google.
5. A simple website similar to the one you are viewing ( This website is called Blogger. The website can contain any content or topic except any pornographic, hate-related, violent, or illegal content. Dont get confused if you dont have a website. We will help in developing the website for you. Contact Us for all the details.
6. Free Time - You have to spend a little time (Min 1 hr daily). More time you spend, more the chance to earn more money.
REMEMBER. This program doesn’t need any investment. Absolutely Free to join.Many of my friends started this Google Pay Per Click (PPC) also called Google adsense program as a part time and gradually they make it as a full time job.


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