Thursday, April 16, 2009

Philippine E-commerce Entrepreneurs April 14, 2009

its quite obvious that blogging is so popular right now in the web,

in my past few years i was invited to do my blog by my friend but i dont mind her that time.

last april 14 our convention was held at PICC manila and our Speaker Ms. Janette Toral founder of discussed about blogging and all the aspects of it. she inform us what blogging can do, what are the benefits of it, the important things we should know before we start our own blogs and the requirements for us to joined. .

Ms. janette mentioned about her experience about years of blogging, she's earning money through paypals every month every post she publish,im very interested about it so i research and now i have my own blog account,i am really happy to discuss and share my every day learnings to all my readers here. im looking forward for more stories i can share,i hope i can retain my activeness in blogging^^

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